“Playing” success

“I was sitting in the meeting point of a large company. I just had a meeting there with a recruiter and I’d asked if I could use their guest wifi for a while. Anyway, I was sitting there, music in my ears, when this song came on. I don’t know exactly what song it was because it was a playlist to help you focus, but I think it was something by Rossini. This song was quite theatrical. While this song played I looked around the meeting point.

Suddenly it dawned on me: it was all just a big play. I saw people pretending to be busy or important. A man walked in, look around, leave, only to return a few seconds later whilst on the phone. I noticed people change character based on the people they met. There was flirting and drama and even a stand-off between two alpha males. But nobody seemed to register that they were performing, I seemed to be the only spectator. Also, most of them didn’t seem to be having fun in their roles.

As time went by that last part started to annoy me. If it was all a play, but almost nobody had fun playing, why didn’t we stop? I mean, the whole system only exist because we agree to play along right? We accept random pieces of paper as a reason to get stuff. We accept that some people own large pieces of earth. We agree to get an education, get a job, and strive to reach a certain position in life. A position that only exist because someone made up that position. Well, not someone, but everyone. Our society is a collective delusion. And that’s fine if people were happy with the delusion. But a lot of people aren’t. I was not happy.

I know I’m just one man, so I don’t believe I can change the minds of the entire population. I know my limitations. But I also figured that, if I knew what the conditions are to play any role, I could create scenes and illusions that’ll put me in any role I wanted. So I did. I became the director and star actor of my life. And I did it by playing with the rules of the game.”

(More next time, perhaps)