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Candidates need to win in the districts they run- period. I’ve said it before.

I disagree that the Dems are beholden to corporate and Wall St. What some people want cannot necessarily be achieved —

We HAVE to be understanding of FACTS.. and some of the progressive buzzwords do not take into account the realities of, for example, economics, or banking etc.

Bernie called for “breaking up the big banks that are too big to fail” But How?
He offered ZERO details on how that was to be achieved.

My problem with the self-appointed progressive police (and I DO consider myself progressive) is that they are full of buzzwords and short in details- none of them want to do the hard work of slogging through policy.

You can dislike HRC but she slogged through detail — a lot.

But back to my article- it was more in reference in a big ballot, to things like university regents, county board elections etc…

Elections are made up of people that RUN for office. I did it — ran for Congress. I wasn’t “put up “ or vetted for my corporate affiliations or progressive litmus test pass.

That’s not how people run or get elected. The Congress we have was elected by 435 separate districts and the Dems there — their citizens apparently like what they are doing.

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