Based on your other writings, I’m guessing that you mean the ability to govern requires one to be…
Ron Carey

Of course one has to be part of the politcal system and political process. That’s how the Constitution frames our system- people run for office and get elected.

I do wish we’d be less tribal but that is not in the cards right now. The Republican policies are hurting this nation and for ANYONE to say we would not have been better off with a Democrat as President (because they are all the same you know- NOT) is seriously wrong! No candidate is perfect and one must work with what we have and effect change as able.

I see no evidence that can happen from outside.

And yes- one must be effective at governance. I don’t disagree with the items you cited. But in 25 years in Congress Bernie only passed ONE bill- ONE. That is NOT being an effective legislator. Being a curmudgeon won’t get people health care coverage or end the war in the middle east

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