I agree, Dennis, a great discussion. I will continue.
Don Michael

Tax cuts in the 1920s and 1960s and Reagan’s in the 1980s.. well we see how those turned out: Great Depression, Bubble bursting after Reagan tax cuts.

Also to decry “static analysis” is the same tactic the Republicans tried to enact over the last twenty years to justify trickle down economics and tax cuts for the wealthy. Even IF those tax cuts generated more revenue, it was wildly offset by the subsequent deficit as well as massive increase in income equality.

The article you linked may have been on a Rutgers website but is actually a Republican Congressional document (aka propaganda) which I highly suspect cherry-picked data. Every name on the header are Republicans. The chief economist for these congressmen was fact checked as making numerous errors on other publications or statements. Not a very trustworthy approach. This is what happens when ideology leads facts.


I admit it may be ad-hominem effectively but with regard to static vs dynamic scoring, ANY approach championed by Republicans is suspect automatically in my view.

RE- tax code.. I agree that the IRS needs better staffing and the simplify the tax code IN ADDITION to a more progressive tax table. I think we could make taxes far easier by requiring EVERYONE to use 1040EZ (perhaps with slight modifications) and just eliminate all other tax forms. THis would also have the effect of more revenue because wealthy could not get the current lower capital gains tax rate-they’d pay it as normal income

Re min wage: to say you’d pay $3 for a burger due to higher min wage is hyperbole and in locations where the min has been raised there has not been such inflated pricing..

Finally, economic THEORY is just that… and we’ve seen over the last decade that what was theoretically supposed to happen actually has not. One example was that wages are (theoretically) supposed to rise when labor is scarce.. yet it had not. Here in Grand Rapids for ages, no one was raising wages to attract workers.. This is only lately changing but there was concerted effort on the part of businesses to NOT raise wages