If you’re responsible for a complex website or intranet, you’ve probably faced the daunting task of figuring out what CMS would best power your site. If you’re a business analyst, or have one on your team, you may have followed a process like this:

This detailed, comprehensive approach is deeply rooted in the…

Over the years, we at nForm have done a lot of usability testing. We’ve used in-person, remote, and automated methods. We’ve tested on websites, intranets, and applications. But we’ve rarely tested specifically with mobile devices.

Since we have some upcoming projects where analytics point to a mobile-first design and test strategy, we wanted to give ourselves some first-hand practice before doing the real thing (we like to prototype everything!). With that in mind, we recently held an internal mobile usability testing workshop.

Of course, we informed our workshop with some initial research into known methods. There are many variations, but…

Dennis Breen

UX Designer at Yellow Pencil

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