The Demise of a Generation

If I see one more selfie (this includes dick pics…I’m running out of room on my phone guys) I’m going to quit this generation and go live among the cacti in the Sahara Desert.

The typical selfie is accompanied by the following caption: “AHHH, Living life with my friends! At this really kewl place with awwwwsum peeple. #yolo #lovemylife #yayyyyyy #hashtag!”

For those of you that don’t speak selfie, let me translate the above text:

“Please like me, please validate my appearance, tell me my life is amazing, tell me I’m pretty.”

Okay social media, chill the fuck out, it’s time for an intervention. Social media…first of all it’s important that you know that I love you and care about you. I really do. You do great things. But we need to have a talk about your behavior as of late. It has gotten a little out of hand. You are creating a generation of people who can only validate their experiences through others.

We live in a world where you aren’t cool enough if you don’t get a lot of “likes”. Here’s the problem with that:

We no longer feel that living an experience is worth anything until others validate it for us.

I am guilty of this. When I’m at a cool place, the first thing I think is “I have to take a picture and post it to facebook!” Or “I have write on my friend’s wall about this really awesome thing I’m doing right now!” And what seems as innocent as wanting to share an experience with a friend, turns into this need for validation. It leads to the thinking of:

“If no one knows about this awesome day I just had, it might as well not have happened.”

And that’s a dangerous game to play. Because it means that we are allowing others to measure the value of our lives. We spend TOO MUCH TIME worrying about what other people think of us and how other people feel about our experiences. We need to remember two very important things:

  1. Our best ideas are often thought of as bad by others.
People’s reaction to ideas: Bad ideas: “That’ll never work” Good ideas: “That could work” Great ideas: “That’ll never work”
~Aaron Levie

2. The most valuable experiences in your life will seem meaningless to others.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
~who knows

We will never be happy with our lives unless we can validate our own experiences. To live in a moment without needing to get approval from others. To just be.

Time Magazine published an article about a teen who wanted to commit suicide because he couldn’t get the perfect selfie. The article states: “Psychiatrists are beginning to consider selfie addiction as a serious mental health issue.”

And then goes on to say: “Maybe we should all just stop taking selfies and solely use our smartphones for the truly important things, like pretending we’re texting to avoid saying hello to people.” ← yup, guilty


Take Action

This one is going to be harder than it sounds. I want you to have a really awesome experience and tell no one about it. No pictures, no tweets, no texting your best friend. Live the moment, enjoy it, appreciate how cool you are, and then move on.

Here are some suggestions if you can’t think of anything:

  • Make yourself a really fancy dinner that looks and tastes wonderful
  • Take a day trip to a fun place
  • Dress up in your favorite outfit and dance around to music in your room
  • Go on a hike
  • Visit a car dealership, pretend you want to buy a really expensive car, and take it for a test drive. Maybe return it when you’re done. (my lawyers insist that I clarify that I do not condone stealing. But since I don’t actually have any lawyers, I’ll say what I want.)

Remember, you have to do this alone, and you can’t take any pictures, make any posts, or tell anyone about it. This is just for you ;)

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