Find YOUR reason to wake up early everyday

When I was in the army, I had to wake up at 5.30am everyday. the reason was simple, because I was forced to.
If I wake up late, I would have to sign extra.

This reason alone was strong enough to force me to wake up a 5.30am every single day.
But the irony with having this kind of reason is that even though I wake up at 5.30am everyday, the rest of the day will never be a productive one. For the rest of the day, I would find every free hour in the day and spend it on resting or sleeping instead of reading or learning.

The reason? Because I was forced to do something I didn’t like to do or something I didn’t choose to do, therefore once I achieved the task, my brain switches off.

this is me when i just woke up

Now, think about school, if you are forced to study by someone else instead of deciding that you want to study and committing to your decision, your studying experience will never be a positive one and the result? 
Simple, you will never do well in school.

I mean, so what if you arrive at school in time, attend all the lectures and tutorials when you want to get good grades?
I have seen people who skip school doing much better than people who attend every single class.

Why? Because those who skip school, skip school to study and it works better for them, and most of those who attend all the classes (even remedial classes) do it because it is a conventional belief or because they were forced to.

I can’t say what is wrong or what is right, but my take is that you should stick to whatever works for you instead of sticking to something just because its convention or because someone else tells you that you have to do this or that.

studying isn’t hard, its hard when you have to answer a question using someone else’s answer, not your own.

For instance, I never really liked going to a classroom to learn, I can learn far more on my own, and it works for me. ( I tested it)
A few weeks ago I posted about how I wake up at 6am everyday.
To be fair, there were a few days that I felt shitty and I wake up at 7am. But for the most part, I feel awesome as soon as I wake up because I know exactly what to do and every single day it will be productive, and that is exactly what happens everyday even on the shitty days.

I decided that I want to wake up early because I know that if I wake up at 12pm I will feel shitty and not do shit for the rest of the day. therefore I do every single possible thing to make damn sure that I will wake up at 6am. My reason is simple, I want to feel awesome and be productive everyday.

I set an alarm at 5.30am to break my sleep, an alarm at 6am to wake me up again, and another alarm at 6.05am just in case. 
Why the hassle? Because I want to make damn sure that I will wake up at this timing even if I have to do this forever.

A lot of people don’t understand that there isn’t a one size fit all in life and that your reason to do something might be different from mine. But I am certain that if you have to make someone else (eg the society) to force you to do something, that task will be a miserable one and you will be going round in cycles.

Not all shoes are made equal. Not two humans are made the same.

So, why wait for someone else to force you to do something rather than finding a reason to do something that makes the most sense to you?
Your reason is much more important than tradition or convention. Convention forces you to do the bare minimum of something, but your reason forces you to be the best that you can be.