Guilty As Charged

How i love thee pride

yes, you my fairest bride

you thee closet

i thy skeleton

for if God was not God

He too would never know

the secrets you vault for me

the mystery i am to many

how i worship thee ego

the stamina of my Lego

the knight that wields my battles

crashing anyone that attacks my mental

how i devalue thee friendship

yes,you that expects the loyalty of a sheep

the obedience of a servant

the commitment of a work ant

i depict you as slavery

thus wont be hunted down like ivory

and molded for another’s glory

how i thirst for more betrayal

to be guiltily charged

with no script to my story

for it is my predictable nature

after all

i am no bloodline of royalty

i am venom to purity

disease to growth

corruption to charity

an antonym of chastity

yet my soul refuses to stain

yet the guilt in me still slumbers

yet i sleep with beautiful nightmares

yet am haunted by no ghosts

yet i still am

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