The Girl Next Door

She is Delilah

and i Samson

but i have no hair

but she the vault that holds an heir

she has no filter

but her character fits her

her flawless imperfection

is more honest than a saint’s affection

she worships no command

but she a warship when her you command

all these highlight a beauty

not one seen by eyes

for perception is deception

not to say she is not well formed

for her eyes tell no lies

her smile hives only truth

her skin glows only essence

her strides favor only logic

her hips siphon the unholy of thoughts

but what of the unseen?

her adaptive nature like a chameleon

her shrewdness like a snake

the patience of a crocodile

the holiness of a dove

the boldness of a lion

the spirit of an eagle

she is a price to crown

but with surprise you will frown

the girl next door

the gal next to my door