Some Information about a Business Review Site

There are many ways in today’s modern ways to get information through the internet like searching and finding out the background of a business or service. However, some of these reviews that you will read on the internet may be incorrect or cannot be trusted. There is a certain organization that you can be a part of where potential customers will browse and will trust with its reviews, and what you just have to do is to make your business certified in this online review forum. Find out for further details right here now.

So, for your business to be certified, you can nominate your business by getting in touch with this site. They will meet you as the business owner and have you complete their 7-Point Investigation Process. If there is a satisfactory conclusion after the review, your business will then be offered to become certified. Learn more about business reviews, go here for more info.

It is said that there three key important differences that set apart this online business review sites from other local online sites. The first important difference is that this site is free, meaning no fees and no memberships costs. Another difference is that a business has undergone researched in the aspects of reputation, price, quality and customer service by passing their 7 Point Investigative Process before being a recommended business. Next is that this site guarantee to protect the consumers. This means that if a consumer has a concern about the product or service of a company and the company refuses to assist you, this site will become the consumer’s advocate to get in touch with the company.

This guarantee of this site is called the MIRG or Make it Right Guarantee where every business agrees to. With this guarantee, a customer who acts based on this site’s recommendation will have the maximum peace of mind in cases when the business chosen will not be at par with the products and services it offered. The customer will just address his or her concern with the business, and if the customer is still not satisfied, he or she can write the complaint to the site for investigation. The site will then contact the business on issue and become the advocate of the customer. If the complaint of the customer is found to be legitimate, the site will be the one to ask the business to repair, replace or reimburse the customer of the original price that he or she paid for the product or service. Take a look at this link for more information.

As mentioned, this site is a free online business review site for customers, and are being broadcasted in various cities where investigation and solution of any consumer concerns are solved. Their consumer services are promoted through different platforms like social media, billboards, direct mail and print.