This Isn’t Wonderland

Why do we lie to ourselves?
We try so hard to make one another believe in things like karma, grace, & love
I’m not suggesting they don’t exist
Instead I’m simply challenging their frequency in the world around us.
I’ve seen karma
I’ve seen grace
I’ve seen love
I just don’t see them enough

Do you?
Do you see something I don’t?
Don’t lie to yourself
Be honest for one minute
No one is watching
Your answer isn’t going to be published
Your answer doesn’t have to fit in a tweet

This is a hard question to answer
Because the truth is hard to swallow
I’m not trying to challenge your optimism, empathy, or humanitarian concern
It’s your naivety that I’ve come to destroy
I’m here to step on your rose colored glasses
Mainly because it is the answer to this question that stands between you & justice
If we’ll rip the god damned bandaid off and call a spade a spade, life gets better
It isn’t the spared moments of honesty that drive us backwards it’s our naive optimism

I am not making a protest for total human depravity
Because I actually believe people are mostly good
We’re just blind
Some more than others
It’s a recognition of your surrounding
A willingness to say “this is exactly how it seems”
South Central Los Angeles at 2 am
The wrong side of the tracks in Detroit
We must admit this isn’t Wonderland

You’re not Alice
I’m not the Cheshire Cat
But it’s all so curiouser & curiouser