5 Signs Digital Marketing is Replacing the Traditional

Technology is everywhere and it isn’t going to get any less prevalent in our lives any time soon. As technology and social media become larger and larger parts of the human experience, digital marketing and marketing efforts are racing to be on the frontlines of this new phase of humanity so that they can get in on the ground level. Due to this sudden rise, traditional marketing is becoming more and more marginalized; possibly even to the point where it will never recover. Here are 5 signs that digital marketing isn’t going to go anywhere.

  1. No more office addresses:Marketing companies across the country are getting rid of the physical office addresses when it comes to marketing materials (they are obviously still keeping the offices themselves, though). Why is this happening? Less and less people are taking their marketing efforts into the physical realm and are instead relying on technology to touch base. Location is no longer an issue.
  2. Interactive PDFs: While this may not seem like too much, the rise of interactive PDFs directly ties into the disappearance of office addresses. The PDFs assume the client will be reading the information on a phone, a tablet, or a computer and can interact with the information presented.
  3. Very thin fonts: Even this new development is pointing to a rise in technology and a decline in what was traditionally seen as good business practice for hard copies of materials. These thin fonts are difficult to use in print materials (especially if there’s a dark background) and the fact that more and more companies are using them to convey a crisp sense of cleanliness shows that more and more companies are relying on digital materials.
  4. Marketing requests are now 24/7: Due to the ease of access that the internet allows us, the workday is now a 24 hour cycle and can span the entirety of the globe. This means that whenever someone needs something done, you better be ready to do it because technology makes it possible.
  5. Less content, more impact: One of the biggest shifts is that now marketing firms are focused on the quality of the content over the amount. Due to the way that Google works and how society functions, marketing firms now know that they have less time to make more of an impact and so the content they create accurately reflects that.

These are just 5 things showing the longevity of digital marketing. If you’d like to read more, the link is here.

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