The decline of Stack Overflow
John Slegers

Today I had my first negative experience with stack, I down voted an answer because I thought it misleading to bad behaviour for not so experience devs.

Then I wrote my own answer, but taking the down voted answer in count. Then tried to remove my down vote, but it was already locked.

The author was upset and start claiming, we had a discussion which got heated up by the other author, telling me I am inexperienced and have no clue (I am developing cms extensions since 4 years and working with PHP since 2001 on professional level.)

I even stated in my comments that I have already tried to remove my down vote.

In the end I have closed the discussion by myself and wishing a good day after all.

That all told me that I am not going to write down detailed answers and participate in comment discussions again, it’s time wasting and people don’t get over their own ego. I like to get better and learn from others, but it doesn’t make sense when people start saying you aren’t idiot between the lines.

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