Boot camp experience day 3. Step by step. Meeting Flask and Jinja2.

Step by step

It’s my third day at boot camp and I have been taking some time to read about flask and Jinja2 in order to start writing code for my Project. I’m happy because I’m moving step by step to the winning line and I believe I will be there. It has been good to know about flask. It’s a small flexible and extensible framework, it gives you chance to implement things the way you want. It doesn’t ship with what you do not want unless it’s what it depends on to do amazing things on this planet. I have never worked with object relation mappers, though I have ever heard of them and it’s a requirement to use them in the project, I will spend the next 4–5 hours passing through some tutorials after which I will start writing code for my project. Can’t wait to start writing useful python.

Thanks Andela.

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