On The Shoulders Of Giants

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” 
 –Isaac Newton
 World renowned 17th Century English Physicist and Mathematician par excellence, Newton has done much more for humanity in terms of his scientific studies than any other individual of his time. With none of the modern-day conveniences, research papers by other experts, extremely limited scope of collaboration anywhere beyond the immediate surroundings and of course a pittance for resources, Isaac Newton gave us so many outstandingly valuable hypothesis like ‘laws of motion’ and ‘universal gravitation’ that still stand unchallenged to this day of advanced studies and innumerable research facilities. Newton is also credited with building the first ever ‘reflecting telescope’ as well as studying the speed of sound.
 Without going into Newton’s life history it can very safely be deduced that his own research was born out of his own dealings with others carrying similarly challenging ideas that kept feeding his urge to study ever deeper the subject that he held so dear to his heart including, but limited to, Physics, Astronomy, Economics, Alchemy, Mathematics as well as Philosophy and Mechanics.
 How could one individual, over 300 years ago, attain so much perfection in his research and give theories that remain unchallenged by the brightest brains in this age of Internet, Satellites and all the advanced technologies? Newton gave the credit to those that kept his company.
 Looking at the above scenario, it is really not hard to assume that he kept company of those equally keen to learn what he was also trying to establish. If it was not true, he would have ended up living the life of an unknown.
 Newton gave the credit of his exceptional success in so many different subjects of study, so many different fields, to the giants on whose shoulders he stood in order to look far.
 To come back to this age and succeed like Newton did, we too need to build teams of giants on whose shoulders we could stand with pride and confidence to look far. The question comes back in the form of 5 Ws of Who, What, When, Where and Why.
 Finding the answer to these 5 Ws can empower the stressed out C.E.O. in his/her quest to outlast and outshine the competition every which way possible!
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