Day five started on a high note. We visited Andela’s new workplace site that’s still being renovated to be a live-work kind of environment and had our morning warmup exercises on the large grounds over there. We did a few team building exercises, played a little bit of charades and some of us got to compete in a 100-meter dash race. I came in dead last, or as I prefer to put it, I was the first one from behind.

The day’s presentations were all about how to improve solution/efficiency speed. We discussed in detail the various ways in which we could implement this when we write code then proceeded to do it practically by writing a factorial program that could cache its results. Caching prevents repetitive iterations that reduce the programs speed and efficiency.

Lunch hour was a little bit different from other days, as we enjoyed our meals, we had a killer presentation from one of the fellows on Dairy Farming in an even dubbed ‘Brown Bag Fridays.’ In the afternoon, we did some more coding where we wrote and optimized a binary search program to search for the index of a certain element in an array.

We closed off the day on a low note as some of us did not make it to proceed to week two of boot camp. On the bright side though, applications for the next classes are still open to all and those who didn’t make it can still try their luck in upcoming classes.



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