We started week two of boot camp today. The number of boot campers has reduced by about half so there’s only 11 of us left. This week is the project week and all of us were assigned various projects to work on for the next 3 days. After completion, we will present our projects on Friday which will be final determinant for whether we make it into Andela or not.

For my project, I will be working on a chart application that plots a chart based on data supplied. The application will have various chart forms including; A Pie Chart, Histogram, Bar Chart and Line Chart.

In the morning, we worked on optimization of the binary search program we wrote last week. We added a few statements to reduce the number of loops/iterations required to arrive at a solution. We then tested this out in AndeLabs. Afternoon session was all about projects. We were given guidelines on what is expected of us as we do the projects as well as a few tips that will enable us make killer applications.

Looking forward to what is still to come.



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