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Dennis Lennox
Apr 15, 2016 · 1 min read

By Dennis Lennox

Hong Kong is partly a global financial capital and partly a historical curiosity — being an ex-British colony that’s now part of China, but is in many ways autonomous from Beijing. Tokyo is known for making hallmarks of Americana like denim jeans and sneakers even better. Singapore, on the other hand, is a little less defined in popular imagination.

Sure, it has a world-class airline and one of the best food scenes, but the city-state in Southeast Asia has in just 50 years since its independence become a global leader in all things architecture, design and urban planning.

Singapore’s iconic supertrees (photo by Edward Tian).

One of the best examples is the grove of 18 man-made, solar-powered illuminated trees, known locally as supertrees, that provide a home for more than 200 species of plants and flowers.

Located in the 250-acre Gardens by the Bay, the supertrees have become an iconic landmark — chances are you’ve seen a picture of the awe-inspiring sight in some listicle — in Singapore’s ever-changing streetscape.

And it’s this cutting-edge architecture and design that has me traveling to the city-state next week for an only in Singapore experience.

Stay tuned.

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