The New York Minute

Photo by Aladino J Valazquez

Reason for the term should be unambiguous. There is no dynamic method behind it, no intergalactic resolve, just a quick minute. The distinguished presence of the city strikes as a craze bewilderment of disquietude. Im afraid if there ever was a time where someone was to perhaps “instantly adapt” they’ll completely mishandle the glorious value of absorbing the experience. On the grounds of speculation the enormous structures draped in architectural brilliance will absolutely do its job, and belittle even those with the keenest sense of direction. Its preposterous to fathom anyone “instantly adapting” come to think of it. Like myself, bumbling around nose buried in the mobile screen, yet eyes wildly aroused, fixated on something new every 3 seconds. The overwhelming mental activity drew me mad, as all I can do was stare at the pigeon frenzy over a left over hotdog bun, across from me. Set ablaze in astonishment by the assortment of our species congregating on this particular part of the world.

Taxi Cab Photograph by Dennis Marrero courtesy of The Recluse LLC
Taxi Cab Photograph by Dennis Marrero courtesy of The Recluse LLC

“It’s insane…”

How one I felt with everyone, yet lost in the question. “What could they possibly be doing here?” Maybe the right question was “What aren’t they doing here?”

If I have one tip to extend towards any first timer(s) it would be “ yes ‘B” train will take you to the “B” train destinations. But know the difference between uptown, and downtown.” Also take a cab, at least once. Found it rather exhilarating, witnessing first hand a true master of the automobile at work.

Rushed into the room, immediately open all the windows…

Taxi Cab Photograph by Dennis Marrero courtesy of The Recluse LLC

“Man the skyscrapers are fucking crazy”

Looked down gazing at the ant like creatures, coming and going. The influx of the crowed seeming steady at a constant volume, at all hours. Reminiscing how difficult vegan options were to obtain, yet realizing a man sleeping under the scaffolding with all his belongings scattered around him. I couldn’t shake the guilt as it consumed me. A feeling of fault persisted. The night ravaged the skyline; the city appeared warmer than what it really was. As people still came and went, loneliness settled in. Thoughts of the millions of passers-by, yet haunted by solitude. Feeling the light of a conspicuously enormous Master Card ad radiating enthusiastically off my stone face. The city no longer felt to uphold its title, as time sort of sat in a hypnotic stasis. Broken my vegan promise by ingesting 99 Cent Pizza’s slice… two of them, In the middle of a Manhattan night.

Taxi Cab Photograph by Dennis Marrero courtesy of The Recluse LLC

City of New York

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