Things You Need To Know About Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage or lymphatic massage is a technique which is used by chiropractors to flush lymphatic fluid out of the human body. The main purpose of this massage is to improve immune functionality and to remove the excess lymph fluid. The excess of lymph fluid is a condition which is known as Lymphedema. Lymphedema is usually visible in the form of swelling.

The therapy mainly consists of series of specific gentle stroking which stimulates the circulation of lymph waste in order to get it removed from the body. Gentle flushing and pumping of lymph nodes is also done in order to make the process more effective.

Person who can perform Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This technique is based on several gentle hand motions. However, they are better done by the professional therapists only. There is special knowledge, training and experience required to perform effective lymphatic drainage massage. The therapist needs to know about the functions of lymphatic system from both physical and psychological perspectives. In most of the cases, medical specialists refer patients to certified therapists.

Conditions for which Lymphatic Drainage Massage can be helpful

Generally, lymphatic drainage massage works in favor of holistic health. But, it would be worth mentioning some top conditions in which this therapy has been found pretty helpful.

Lymphedema: Lymphatic systems can lose functionality due to trauma, radiation, and excess amount of sugar in the body. It can lead to an increase in the lymph fluids in the body. As a result, body can suffer from pain, swelling and other irritating symptoms. In this condition, lymphatic drainage massage can be quite helpful.

Arthritis: Lymph fluids might tend to stagnate in the tissues, leading to long periods of inactivity. It can further lead to demineralization of the bones. Moreover, the joints can also get stuck, resulting in arthritis. Proper drainage of lymph fluid can help in reduction of swelling and pain.

Fatigue: Fatigue can occur due to lack in the function of lymphatic systems. Sluggishness in lymphatic system can result in a drop in energy levels. Thus, the sense of overall wellbeing can be reinstated with the help of lymphatic drainage massage.

Sinus and congestion: Sinus and congestion can occur when the system of flushing mucous out of the body shuts down. Good news is that there is special type of lymphatic drainage massage which can help in improving the function of mucous drainage system.

Headache and Migraine: Tension in the muscles connected with neck and shoulders can result in severe kind of headache. Thus, headache can originate due to excess of lymph fluid in the body. Lymphatic drainage massage can really help in relaxing the muscles and reducing the congestion.