Why I became part of the RemoteWork Force

Remote working is not for everyone. In fact, it can be down right catastrophic for those who crave a presence from the outside world (aside from social media).

There are a million articles you can find by googling buzz words such as ‘Remote Work’, ‘Working Remote’, etc. I don’t intend to tell you why you should become part of the RemoteWork Force (RWF), instead, I want to tell you why I chose to work from home, away from the brick and morder of an office building.

My entering the RWF is a much different reason than others you may encounter. When I chose to become a remote employee, I stayed with my current company (plan to say there as long as they want me there) and just put up shop in my new home, out of state in the great white north of #PureMichigan.

Michigan? Isn’t it cold? Hasn’t their economy taken a hit? Yes, Michigan. No, it’s not always cold. The economy in Michigan is bouncing back in a big way.

But enough about the great state of Michigan. Why did I move? Why hop out of a comfort zone? Why risk becoming out of sight out of mind?

Why did I move?
I moved because of a promise I made to my wife when we married. She moved away from all of her family here in Michigan to be with me in Tennessee. It took me 6.5 years to find the right company to work for to make it happen, but I wanted to keep good on my promise. Also, moving closer to family means that we (as a family) can travel much more and visit other family that is spread across the country (From Michigan, to Georgia, down to Florida and across the US to Washington).

Why hop out of a comfort zone?
Why not? It’s easy to get up every day, get dressed, drive into an office and do the day in and day out. It’s not easy getting dressed and walking into your home office to plug in and make your presence known back at the home office (my home [work] office is located in Nashville, TN). Hopping out of your comfort zone will help you grow as a person and help you focus on shaping your craft [career]. Never be afraid to do something out of your comfort zone, you never know what doors it may open.

Why risk becoming out of sight, out of mind?
“The squeaky wheel gets the grease”. It’s inevitable that you will be forgotten from a meeting or not thought of when one-off cube or hallway conversations take place. You have to stay diligent to remind those back home that you are still apart of the work eco-system. Did you think I was going to provide an easy answer to that one? Risk, it’s around every corner.

So, is becoming apart of the RWF for you? I can’t answer that question, only you can. But, I can tell you this, you’ll never find out if you don’t take that first step towards finding out.

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