Day 3 Experience Day3:

Day 3 was much better of the three. No pending working from the previous day, so I started off with assignments for the day finished in good time. Far from that as I write this post I am thinking python codes. Indenting which got me a few times and then I found pycharm. Every time I see something I am thinking of possible way to translate it into a code, and possible bugs that may pop up as a result. Long story short I am a bot now programmed by the events of Monday through today.

I am convinced that I have learned a lot than I did in a semester. Consequently, I’m starting to think I freak out under pressure and as a result I work best. Therefore, this could be thought out as (if freak is True: return “work best”). Already getting too carried away. So it was about the web requesting data from web, or the enter web.

Lastly, the labs didn’t not demand to much compared to the previous day. At least, I was running my “progs” smoothly minimum bugs.

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