Are the UX articles you’re reading trying to sell you something?
Fabricio Teixeira

Thank you for the article and every other design article you guys promote. It’s great work and really pushes the industry forward. This birthed this brief article on the same topic in me

If someone sounds salesy and offers no value, you should probably blacklist them. However, if the catchiness of the title constantly matches the value therein, I don’t see a reason why the author shouldn’t try to promote more premium quality material. There’s no reason I shouldn’t give them my email address and opt into their email list to receive more of their content which according to my perception is quality.

Inbound marketing when done right solves the problem first, then gives an option for a deeper customer relationship thereafter. After all, no one forces a human being to handover their cash or offer personal details(Though they can try to manipulate them to. If they do, that’s fraud and I’m not for that)

Thanks for the articles, keep up the good work.