Concerns about religious freedom.

In Bolivia, an ambiguous provision in the new Criminal Code, that could be interpreted to criminalize missionary activity, caused widespread commotion, particularly among Christian ministers. Considering Bolivia’s poor track record in terms of religious freedom, this commotion is understandable. However, the concerns about the new Criminal Code seem only partially justified. Provided the ambiguity of its wording is satisfactorily addressed, this legal provision should not be an immediate source of alarm. After intense protests from various civil society groups, Bolivia’s President, Evo Morales, announced he will abrogate the law, but it remains unclear whether this will…

The Arab Spring consists of a wave of protests that started in December 2010 in Tunisia followed by other Arab countries. It was positively acclaimed as a social movement demanding an end to human rights violations, government corruption and poverty. However, as Agha and Malley predicted in the New York Book Review, the outcome of these revolutions was contrary to what the original protesters intended:

The Arab world’s immediate future will very likely unfold in a complex tussle between the army, remnants of old regimes, and the Islamists, all of them with roots, resources, as well as the ability and…

Dennis P. Petri

Political scientist, researcher, consultant

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