The Human Side of Tech

When you hear about the impersonality of the Internet of Things (IOT) and how the future is bot-to-bot, one can feel a little distraught that the only people who will have meaning fill jobs in the future are the few who can program “commercial grade code”.

But then, every once in awhile, one sees the humanity that tech can still unleash. Today’s pondering about life with technology is the feature in new cars that connects smartphones to the vehicle’s audio via Bluetooth. It’s a lovely feature particularly when you let a visitor in your car connect their smartphone and play the music that invigorates their souls. I like to invite people to do it when I drive. It connects me to them at a personal level synapse-to-synapse, one human being at a time.

The same thing can be done with any bluetooth speaker system in the home, on the beach or wherever. I recognize the evolution of the tech and the longevity of the process. It’s gone from singing songs around a campfire. It’s generationally evolved from sticking cassettes into your buddy’s tape deck. We may not all be those “commercial grade coders” who wire together the hardware and software of the coming IOT world, but we will still be humans.