Control your Philips Hue lights from your Laravel code 💡

Dennis Smink
Feb 27 · 1 min read

Recently I created a package to manage my Philips Hue lights with. I wanted an easy way to signal my lights in my office when something special happens. Things that are special for example could be:

  • New user sign up
  • New paid order
  • New support ticket
  • New newsletter subscription
  • … etc

Here’s a link to the package:

I’m still doing work on it, but the basics are implemented and fully working.

You can switch lights on and off per ID, but also in a complete group.

Syntax is as easy as this:

(new HueClient)->lights()->on(1)

Some example commands:

$hue = new HueClient();

$hue->lights()->customState(1, [
"hue" => 25500,
"bri" =>200,
"alert" => 'select'

You can do whatever you want!

Dennis Smink

Written by

Laravel enthusiast, owner of, personal website:

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