Dear Moon

Cloudless night. Quiet sight. While my mother was having a little fever over her infection, I dropped by her house to help her out and look after her. It was late and she told me to leave and get some rest. I stayed around 1 am. It was May time.

Getting down to the streets, the bright moon was hanging above my head. I took out my iPhone, took a snap, then Whatsapp her the photo — ‘好圓’. Till this day, I still remember what went through my mind: I hope this moon could cheer her up, just a bit, in the uphill battle. Then the next thought was, how many more lovely moons she could she still see.

And now today, more than one year and a month later, looking at the same dear moon, little did I know there would be only 4 months left in the journey.

How fragile life is.

In foresight, you never it coming. In hindsight, you always see regrets.

It is easy to take things as granted. We turn on auto pilot. You get distracted by things that don’t matter.

The only thing you could do is live the most out of the moment. Keep your priorities clear.

Simple words, complicated humans.

PS: I fucking now hate befriending people with wrong priorities(in my opinion)/do not know their priorities. Bloody waste of life.

I have seen my mother died right in front of my eye. What is your greatest pain?

I live with a certain degree of confidence, or perhaps say ego, because I know I have an edge. I have seen my mother died in front of my eye, what could possibly be more painful than that.

Pain brings perspective, knowledge and clarity in thought. Great pain, great gain.

What matters surface, those that don’t sink.

Reminding myself her death every single day is the best way to keep my mind clear and focused.

Life itself is short and unpredictable. Every human is destined to go through numerous pain in their lives. We are such emotional animals.

But when we learn to enjoy every tiny moment, joy becomes infinite.

If you divide 100 by 10, 10 is the quotient. If you divide 100 by 0.00000001, 10 million is the quotient.

If we perceive 0.0000001 as much as 10, our joy in life would have multiplied by 1 million times.

I hope you understand what I mean.


I write to mark memories and clear thought. Too many noises in life. I heard that writing everyday changes life. I am trying to pick it up.