Nice summary.
Dan Lazar

I’ll bite. I gotta totally disagree with this. Disclaimer: I’ve rolled vanillaJS 2 years, and played in framework land for 2 years, but I think there is a lot more going on with state nowadays then there used to be. Expectations for UX have risen, and with the focus on apps nowadays, minimalism can turn around and bite you in the neck in the long run. I think the learning experience is going vanilla, understanding the underlying data structs and implementing a minimal solution. It starts out effective, but as a codebase grows, those same junior devs will keep reinventing the wheel. I’ve written all of these parts as a junior dev before, the mustache style parser, the routing system for various files, the binary stream serialization and deserializations, and all of these things have gotchas that will sack those junior developers in the long run. Whether it’s the single quote vs double quote issue of mustache parsing, the 53 byte accuracy cap for deserializers and serializers, or the challenges of reusing the router for application side routing IE in the case of an app that can run somewhere with minimal bandwidth.

As far as trendy frameworks like wordpress, angular, or the new react, they’re all good frameworks to choose largely because of the huge support base and the many junior devs who got crushed in those gotchas. Many may reinvent the wheel, but many also take performance to a higher threshold of optimization level than was previously delivered.

Idk, just my feels. *end rant*

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