How to Track Order Status and Shipment in Magento 2?

Customers enter the store in a brick store. They find the products. They buy the items they like. They pay the bill and go along with the items they have purchased. All steps are the same as a brick store in e-commerce. The last step is not changing that customers cannot carry the products they have purchased.

The consumers have to wait for the products until the shipment or delivery process accomplished and goods arrive at the door steps. The customer is waiting for the product delivery. It may prove strenuous period for many sensitive customers.

They seem eager to know the present status of their order and shipment. The eCommerce owners have abilities to end the stress of waiting. It is advanced technology that enables displaying real-time status of the product under the shipment.

We have web applications of shipment providers those are displaying all data of your consignment under the shipment. What you need is to integrate their APIs with your Magento store with a decent interface. It can show the status of the order of your esteemed shoppers.

It can email the link to access the display of shipping orders after login into the accounts or check it as a guest visitor.

Magento developers at M-Connect Media have developed a Track Order Status Magento 2 extension to carry the entire order tracking process on your Magento store. The extension automatically integrates the data provided by the shipping service providers in real-time. It is possible with API integration of shipping service providers.

Features of Order Tracking Extension by M-Connect Media:

Order Tracking Extensions have following distinct feature to mention here:

· You can enable or disable the track order extension on your Magento storefront.

· It allows setting a link for extension on the top of the eCommerce web pages like top of the header with a given label.

· You can include the extension in your navigation architecture by displaying it in the top menu of the storefront.

· It can send track order link in the email to the customers who have done the order once the shipment has made. It enables them to track the real-time status of order without going through a long process of login and enter order data.

· You can create a widget for extension to display in store on the pages you wish.

· The extension allows users to retrieve order information instantly and without refreshing the entire web page with the help of AJAX technology.

· Extension display a user-friendly interface or module with required fields

· The extension module displays in the sidebar column at the front end of the Magento store by default. You can set the place wherever you wish

· You can set track order page at multiple locations on your Magento ecommerce website

Advantages of Order Tracking Extension :

The extension comes with multiple benefits:

· It has seen that 75% customers rate the order tracking process as an important factor providing customer satisfaction.

· The extension eliminates the frequent visits to the websites of shipment carrier agencies to track your order by given order number. It is simply possible with integration of APIs of shipment service providers by the extension.

· After login into the account shoppers can view the status of their order by entering order number and email address as login credentials.

· Order tracking also allowed for the guest customers who have refrained from creating an account with your Magento storefront.

· Order tracking extension also automatically sent tracking link in email once the shipment has set up for the customer that ultimately eases the order tracking process for the first time shoppers on your online store.

· Order tracking extension builds trust factors among the customers by updating them in real-time and improves branding experiences.

· It cuts the calls for inquiries regarding order tracking at greater extent.

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