I want folks who own guns to prove their skill, their mental and physical health, and to be licensed and reviewed over the years just as happens with our driver’s licenses.
Dear America: Here’s Your Gun Solution (Updated)
Sara Benincasa

This conforms nicely to the 2nd amendment purpose of owning firearms — for the provision for maintaining a well regulated militia that can be mustered at a moments notice. While that purpose is currently outmoded, I think the notion of being required to muster periodically to demonstrate proficiency is implicit in the 2nd amendment. It was certainly envisioned in the English laws that served as models for the 2nd amendment. As a progressive, gun owner and sportsman myself, I’d welcome this approach. The one time hunter education certificate requirement to get a hunting license and the one time training for concealed carry permits are insufficient for ensuring safe gun ownership in a densely populated, gun rich society because too few people who purchase guns are required to take even that training.

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