Dennis Woodruff


Hi my name is Dennis I think all of our lives are like a movie I have spent my life as an artist, actor , director , producer, and writer , and inspiring others with my work. I am not at the top of the hollywood game but Im somewhere in the middle. I love acting and making my own hollywood movies. I need an agent I am in screen actors guild and aftra for many years. I find it hard to get cast without an agent. However why does someone need one? After you have searched for me on google you may wish to contact me. My office # is 323–848–7164 . I am a trained actor who trained at UCLA and Orange CoastCollege and U Mass Boston. I have enjoyed making movies on my own while waiting for work in my feild. I grew up in Huntington Beach Ca. I always wanted to come to hollywood to make it as an actor. I am close to that goal now. You may wish to see my 16 pages and my bio. Be sure to scroll down the page, at the bottom click about me again and go to next page. I would like to get some nice offers to be in your movie or tv show. I would like to make my own reality show in hollywood. I’ve seen alot of success stories that could be me. Warren Beatty said all you need is a break. However, he only does a movie once every ten years so I won’t wait for him. There are so many of you that could use my services and should call me. (However I don’t work for free. no one does) I hope you will call me to have coffee and share ideas. Need I say more. I am 62 years old and in good shape. I have steel blue eyes. Don’t confuse me with the man of steel superman. that part has already been taken. I could have been the next batman but they chose Ben instead. I am happy to accept smaller roles in all types of TV and Films. No matter who you are you need to have a meeting with me for the part.

Sincerily, Dennis Woodruff

I hope my story will reach the world and get results.

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