Templates for Vue Functional Components On the Fly

Denny Headrick
Jan 8, 2018 · 2 min read

Recently, the Vue.js team pushed out an update that would allow for templates to be used for functional components. I was disappointed to find out that this change appears to only be useful for the Vue-Loader (Webpack).

I wrote a quick function to compile my templates and make them useful for functions. The biggest hurdle was dealing with the static functions which introduced some scoping issues that I could not get a grasp of.

Vue.functionalComponent = function(componentName, options){  function rewriteFn(fn, ctx){      var fnString = fn.toString()
.replace('with(this)', 'with(ctx)')
.replace('anonymous()', 'anonymous(_c, ctx)');
var newFn = eval('(' + fnString + ')');
return newFn.bind(ctx);
var options = options || {};
options.functional = true;
var template;
if(options.template.charAt(0) === '#'){
template = document.getElementById(options.template.substr(1)).innerHTML;
} else {
template = options.template;
template = avoidStaticRender(template);
var renderFns = Vue.compile(template);
var render = rewriteFn(renderFns.render, options);
options.render = render;
return Vue.component(componentName, options);

These helpers help me avoid the compiler making static render functions

function avoidStaticRender(template){
var templateEl = document.createElement("div");
templateEl.innerHTML = template;
var everyEl = templateEl.getElementsByTagName("*");
for(var i = 0; i < everyEl.length; i++){
everyEl[i].setAttribute("v-nothing", true);
return templateEl.innerHTML;


The functional templates are faster than the normal templates in the demo sparing 500 ms, on average, with 10000 rendered elements. The ratio seemed to be fairly similar as I increased the numbers.

This code hasn’t been heavily tested, but it succeeded in dealing with the couple of things that I threw at it.

Denny Headrick loves working with and writing about Vue.js. You can follow him on Twitter at @dennythecoder. If you enjoyed the article, please share on your favorite social media platform. Thanks for reading!

Denny Headrick

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