Introducing NovaBlock: A one-stop blockchain solution provider for your ultimate crypto-mining experience

Purchase, Mine, Host, and Invest. Manage Everything with NovaBlock.

As the crypto-mining industry continues to thrive, NovaBlock Technologies is accelerating the shift toward technology and efficiency evolution by providing one-stop cloud computing services along with top-notch infrastructure and software solutions for our global customers.

NovaBlock has the vision of disrupting the future of blockchain technology by being the catalyst that brings together industry visionaries. With a combined 20+ years of cross-industry experiences, our growing team of experts will deliver the best-in-class products and services with assured profitability and stability.

NovaBlock Mining Pool

Quickly rose to the world’s top 10 within 6 months of launching, NovaBlock Mining Pool is a North American based Bitcoin mining pool. Our unique NovaPPS+ rewarding system not only offers pool fee that is 30% lower than market average but also helps you bare the bad luck and maximize your payouts.


Nova-Chips (ASIC Chips) was designed to maximize security, efficiency, reliability while minimizing the size and power consumption. Nova-Chips are scheduled to come to the market by the end of 2020.

Data Center Design and Construction

With deep understanding of large-scale operation and local impact management, NovaBlock helps clients to build professional and efficient Data Centers. We have developed our own Smart Modular Data Center (SMDC) and Immersion Modular Data Center (IMDC) to provide different demands with different solutions, making it modular, flexible, agile, and efficient.

Miner Mall

With excellent relationships with manufacturers and distributors of mining equipment, as well as an extensive network of peer-to-peer resellers of used equipment, we help to secure your purchase from all brands at the best price with complete due diligence.

Miners Hosting and Colocation

NovaBlock provides access to the highest quality hosting facilities. We have built data centers with over 200 MW in North America and at the beginning of 2020, we developed our own Data Center in IT Park of Sichuan Province in China. With 50+MW capacity, NovaBlock offers you a safe, stable, and reliable mining experience!

Bitcoin Mining Investment

NovaBlock is on a mission to make bitcoin mining investment easier, reliable, profitable, and accessible for everyone around the world. With our deep industry knowledge and connections, we strive to provide all-inclusive mining solutions to our global clients with the best prices and terms.

Sign up with NovaBlock and start mining with us now! For more information, please visit:

If you want to learn more about NovaBlock or want to share your insights with us, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Denny X.

Strategy & Investment Manager

Telegram: dxing1

Strategy and Investment Manager at NovaBlock

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