Tips to Bring a Drone on Flight while Traveling

When you see some world travel blog, you can see many travelers bring their drones abroad without any concern that the machine will damage. Actually, it will not be complicated to bring a drone since you have prepared everything well. Read some tips below that will guide you about the suggestions of bringing a drone and also the security restrictions.

Carry the Drone on Bag or Hard Case

If you choose to carry on a drone with a bag, make sure that the bag fits the drone well and you can find a space to put the bag on the cabin. Besides, make sure the bag comes with special space inside to carry things that can easily damage. It is also recommended by most international travel advice to choose a comfortably designed bag that is specially made for drone and long distance traveler. The bag is made from soft material so that you will not wear down to carry the bag on a long distance. You can find such bag in many options over the internet.

Actually, the drone and the compartment is best carried with hard case bag with padding inside. It will handle the machine properly and prevent tossed during the flight. However, such bag isn’t quite comfortable to carry on the long distance traveling. So, it is better to choose a bag that is designed with comfortably and also safe enough for the drone, the accessories and the controller.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Make sure you also bring rechargeable lithium ion batteries and the drone batteries on the baggage. Don’t check the batteries with your drone and cover the terminals with tapes for protection. If you bring over 100 watt lithium ion batteries, the amount is limited only two batteries. Meanwhile, you can bring as many as possible batteries under 100 watt. By bringing enough batteries, you can take many aerial drone photos without losing power too fast.

Security Line Tips

To make faster the security check, many travelers in traveler community website suggest to put the batteries on the bin. It will not make the airport security should pull the batteries out for inspection. So you can get through the checking soon. The security will ask what the batteries are for and they will let you pass if you can explain about it well.

Bring Repair Kit and Extra Propellers

Extra propellers will be so much useful when you travel abroad and it is a suggestion in almost every drone video travel blog. The extra propellers will still enable you to take the pictures from the air as the original one is broken or crash. Keep the original packaging of the propellers to make it more protected. Besides, you also should bring the repair kit for your drone set. It will be very useful if your drone is getting crashed. The repair kit will also be useful when you need to clean the drone from sands, debris or duct. So that the machine will always work well whenever you need to make aerial videos or take pictures.