I know you said you do web work, but what about a job? Wifi? What about other people?
Tim Boucher

Ah, yes. I’ll be delving into that subject in part 3! In short, I spent the first two years connecting via dial-up and my granny’s house a mile away, a nice 20 minute walk which had the side benefit of a visit with my granny. I’d also stop in at a little coffee shop in town during my weekly errands and take advantage of their wifi. I would take note of work while connected (usually email) then make the changes locally on my laptop then upload changes the next day. It worked out pretty well. In 2010 the iPad was released and I began doing work from my cabin via the built-in 3G connection. I’ve had just enough freelance graphic and web design work over the past 7 years that I have been able to stay clear of “employment”. My latest gig is podcast transcripts for a pretty fantastic physicist up your way, which is to say, Canada! His podcast is pretty fantastic if your interested in astronomy and/or physics.

As for other people, during the first 5 months I was mostly busy doing my own thing. As I started spending time in the coffee shop I met a few locals a few of which became friends which led to other friends. It’s a pretty conservative community but I’ve found my way to a few folks I connect well with. Jump forward to today and we have our own little community, a group of friends. I may go weeks without seeing them but we often communicate via our Slack group. It’s a nice balance of solitude and social connection.

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