At a certain point, we have to accept what we can and can’t control and strive instead to set up good conditions for success. And of course broaden our understanding and experience of success…
Lammas Garden
Tim Boucher

Fantastic. What a beautiful series of photos with a perfect conclusion. These days I just garden like a squirrel which is to say I garden as another of the critters in the landscape. I move things around to help increase fertility. I add my plants into the landscape where they merge with those that are already there. It’s a community of which I and my plants are just one part. Portions of my garden stick out as human intervention but my favorite parts are those that are invisible. My purple coneflowers growing next to the already present Sweet Coneflowers, my fennel rubbing shoulders with the Queen Anne’s Lace. And we all evolve together, a co-creation.

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