Denny Henke
Jul 25, 2016 · 1 min read

I used to think this as well but then it occurred to me that with a laptop there is never the option to simply lift the screen away from the keyboard and use it by itself. With the iPad I have the best of both worlds. Not only do I use the iPad without the keyboard about 50% of the time but, if I am using a keyboard with the iPad in a separate stand, I also have the option of setting the iPad in different locations/angles. For example I can elevate the iPad or move it off to the side a bit. During pleasant fall and spring weather I’ll often work outside and will arrange the iPad/keyboard in a variety of ways depending on where I set-up. I can do things with this combo that I could never do with a laptop or even an attached keyboard case.

Denny Henke

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Permaculture experimenter, avid amateur astronomer, science nut, Apple nerd, graphic & web designer. I live in a tiny house (12x16) in the woods of Missouri.

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