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The writer of this article appears to have gone to the Dan Rather school of news reporting….”make up stuff that suits your personal beliefs and see if it sticks”. Trump was elected nine (9) days ago and already he’s getting bashed for not setting up a blind trust for his “privately held” family business. I wonder if the writer knows what “privately held” means? Oh by the way, if you knew anything about the business world….it takes longer than 9 days just to get the legal work done and it needs to be thought out carefully.

And then the article makes all kinds of assumptions as to why Trump had his daughter in the meeting with the Japanese premier. Maybe he trusts his daughter’s woman’s intuition and he wanted her perspective on the guy? Never thought of that did you. Here’s a tip…if you want to become a respected journalist….start with who? what? when? where? and why? That’s from news writing 101 in journalism school…or it used to be. I also found it interesting that you trying to make it appear that Trump is going to be running his business from the White House with his kids…….here’s a tip…..the lady that lost the election…..she got rich by selling “influence” from her job in the government. It’s pretty well documented…..called pay for play in some circles.