Future and New Authentication Techniques

Authentication is one of the important aspects of security. But for the past many years, only emails and passwords were the only good way of authentication into apps. And In this fast remote-going world the security hacks cases are increasing. So today in the blog, I want to talk about 4 Future and New Authentication Techniques that truly make the next-gen Authentication. ⚡

Hardware Authentication

It’s a new way of Authenticating into apps and mainly can be used for high-security purposes.

In this type of Authentication, you have to need a piece of hardware, or a drive to authenticate yourself, that may be anything Pendrive, card, etc..

A great example of that is Google Advance Protection. A new program started by google for very strong security. They make a pen drive to authenticate yourself when you sign-in or sign-up.

The problem is only big companies can manufacture these kinds of physical keys that normal company can’t :[

Behavioral Biometrics

I am sure that most of you have already seen Biometrics Authentication which normally includes fingerprints, face, photos, iris pattern, etc.. and even regularly using in your mobiles. But, behavioral biometrics is more advance than that.

In this authentication, we analyze how a user interacts with the app, how the user clicks a button, how the user navigates in our App. It records the user’s first interaction with the app after signup and later uses that for prediction. If something found suspicious, then an action can be taken.

These types of advanced security can only be seen in Banks like places and also very hard to implement as a developer.

Geolocation Authentication

This type of authentication has never been seen before and is interesting. This usually based on where the user is trying to authenticate.

Let’s see this one by example. Let’s think that you have bought a new device and want to login to it. if your main device (where you have the first signup) is in your pocket. Then you will get authenticated successfully. But if you are too far away from your main device (10km) then you will not get authenticated because you may be a malicious person trying to hack your id.

So, ya this is very straightforward and also easy for a developer to implement but also not all the devices have built-in geolocation sensor :(

Password-less Authentication

Yep, finally deprecating passwords xD. This authentication is a bit similar to OTP, 2FA, SMS but this time even no need for a password.

So, what this type of authentication provides is that you will have a piece of code on your main device that you can scan on other devices to authenticate. The code can be anything from a weird 30 digits straight-up numbers or even encrypted private QRs bar like code, you understand, alright xD.

Again, this kind of authentication needs more research to make best-encrypted codes, that are widely unique and well secure.

After all that future and new authentication techniques, for the present its’s always best to have long and mixed passwords and a great added spice of 2FA which is probably in most of the Apps for best security.

So, those were the future and new Authentication techniques. Auth’s future is looking quite cool. Let’s see how it goes. Can we make a world of Auth with no Sign-up or log-in, with no passwords and emails for the next generation of auth ???? 😁

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