Can you remember the last time that Google just wasn’t enough to answer your question to the detail that you wanted? You’ve found articles and posts on the subject that you are after but you still have unanswered questions on the topic you’re curious about?

I have, and know what it can be like to hit a dead end Google search after Google search and would just like to get an expert on the phone to answer the questions I have. While there can be an opportunity to consult knowledgeable people via online forums or messaging groups this isn’t the same as being able to probe someone on a subject on a one-on-one basis.

In steps Experty, a network for reaching out and connecting with experts for your questions as well as facilitating (and monetising) your expertise for those that might want to connect with you. All you need to do is provide a link to connect with you via Experty on your blog/linkedin/twitter profile and knowledge seekers will be able to connect with you via Experty.

Those accessing the services of experts on the Experty network will be able to use video and voice calls to consult with, and reimburse the provider with tokens used for payments on the Experty network (EXY). The rates for connecting with the provider are given prior to connecting with them (in USD), on their Experty profile and the correct amount of EXY deducted from them after conversion is done on the USD/EXY pair.

user flow referenced from whitepaper

The benefits of using the blockchain are clear, the Ethereum network allows advice seekers to easily purchase the EXY ERC-20 tokens from an exchange on which they are available and then connect with knowledge providers. The facilitation of the exchange is made convenient via the blockchain as:

  • Payment is settled via smart contract, during a call. The consulting participant will only pay the time used as the call will be monitored and the time used to inform the settlement via smart contract.
  • Payments are instant, no need to wait on bank transfers or usage of other settlement services which may have fees attached.

A lot of ICO’s you find thesedays will be launching with barely more than a whitepaper, a roadmap and a listing of the team members. Experty have come a lot further than that, they have successfully completed a presale for early investors and have an MVP which can already be used to make calls and deduct and credit fees from the participants via smart contract on the Ethereum testnet. An example of this in action can be viewed in this video:

And some screens here from the apps of the call and profile functionality:

screen mockups taken from the experty whitepaper

For this reason I hold high hopes about how quickly the realisation of the value of the EXY token will have in the marketplace as I expect they’ll hit have their product available sooner than most of the companies we see running ICO’s thesedays.

Let’s take a look at some of the key metrics I look out for when choosing to invest in an ICO, and why I think Experty should be considered one of the best investment opportunities in the coming months.

  • Funding raised will have a hard cap of $9m (or 33,000 ETH, whichever is lower). This is a modest target for a company that has already established a working MVP.
  • Strong team. Founding members have solid startup experience with the company “ReactPoland” and lead solidity developer was previously employed at Cisco.
  • Strong support from the crypto community. I have seen many influential personalities share their excitement over Experty across Twitter and other spheres in the crypto community, I am looking forward to being able to engage with these experts once the platform is launched.
  • Product/Idea. Experty enables a service that previously would not have been able to have been facilitated without blockchain and is the only service I have seen of this nature in the space. It has the potential to be a market leader and establish itself as an indispensable platform and service.

Final thoughts: I will be investing in the ICO when it launches on the 25th of January, 2018 as I see it as a great chance to get on board an exciting project with a lot of potential. The $9m cap for investors should mean that there is enough demand for EXY once the tokens are available on the market, and I look forward to having a chance to make use of them myself.