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What happens after an ICE raid

Targeting undocumented immigrants affects our entire community

Diana Enríquez
Apr 4, 2017 · 10 min read

Could she ever exist in the light, or would they always need to hide?

I would see similar rips in the fabric of communities across Massachusetts and later Connecticut while I was working with immigrant communities as a student organizer. This sort of routine detention is deeply damaging to the trust between immigrant families and their larger communities, but it pales in comparison to the terror of an ICE raid.

Wage theft, sexual abuse, unsafe working conditions, and numerous other workplace violations accumulate without a strong community to defend its workers.

Even worse, children grow up believing that even their homes are not safe and perhaps they are always being hunted. They see that strange, armed men could break into their homes at any hour of the day and haul off their parents. This is not an image that children, really anyone, easily recovers from or forgets. After that, how do you encourage them to report a crime? They will not see this branch of government enforcement, and by affiliation the local government, as a group designated to “protect and serve” them too.

Diana Enríquez

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Ph.D. student at Princeton (Labor, Informal Economies) | previously research + content at TED