Help The Earthquake In Lombok After 7 SR quake shook lombok.

On sunday 5 August 2018 at 19.46 WITA, a 7SR Lombok-quake shook Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) with the epicenter located in North Lombok, which the impact was felt evenly in the districts of West Lombok, East Lombok, Central Lombok, Mataram City.

People ran out of the house to save themselves and there were also those who did not have time to leave the house.The Lombok-quake that coincided with Prayer Isya (19.30 pm) made some worshipers did not have time to save themselves and they surrendered their life to god.

Aftershocks rocked the island of Lombok on a larger scale than the previous earthquake.

The Lombok-quake on August 5, 2018 was bigger than the Lombok-quake occurred a week earlier (July 29, 2018) when people’s trauma had not completely disappeared. Also yesterday’s 7SR Lombok-quake was declared a potential tsunami by BMKG (Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics) and make situation more gripping.

Photo: land raised and landslides caused by the earthquake.

For North Lombok District, 95% of the buildings and houses there are flat on the ground. Treasure is no longer their priority when many of them are buried in the ruins of their own homes.

Even today, hundreds of aftershocks still occur with a smaller intensity of vibration.

The total number of victims recorded as dead until today is 468 people with many injured victims who have not been recorded as well as buildings, housing and facilities that have been damaged.

The Lombok-quake victims at the evacuation place to date required a lot of donations in the form of

1. fast food

2. clean water / drinking water

3. baby's food and also drugs

4. temporary tent / tarpaulin

5. clothing

Follow link for map of need a donation

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