“On behalf of US Soccer, welcome to the 2018 Lamar Hunt US Open Cup…”

… says the email I received from US Soccer in late March. For those of you who have been following the story of Stockade FC — our “open source soccer” club in the Hudson Valley, NY — you probably have a good sense of how much this news meant to us. The US Open Cup (ahem, the biggest and most prestigious soccer tourney in the USA!) is what originally inspired us to create a soccer team from scratch. The idea of starting a club that could one day qualify to compete in The Cup was a “North Star” of ours…

Credit: Derek White @ DWhite Visuals

“2017 North Atlantic White Conference Champions.”

It’s got a pretty nice ring to it, right?

That’s the headline for what was an amazing second season for Kingston Stockade FC, our NPSL club (4th Division, US Soccer Pyramid). For those who have been following our “open source” and “startup soccer” story of building a club from scratch, welcome back! This incredibly long post (our #5th blog post in this “open source soccer” series) is meant to provide as much data, insight and transparency into how we’ve built our 4th Division soccer club. For those new to our story, hello! …

My view, from 11,261 check-ins

Today, we launch Foursquare Swarm version 5.0 — a huge update that we’re all really excited about. Before I tell you more, let me step back a second and tell you why we’re doing it.

I know for a fact that there are many, many people with more than 11,261 check-ins, but I am fairly certain that as the co-founder of both Foursquare and Dodgeball, I have the *longest running* check-in history going. …

Some notes on the CAS claim filed by Stockade FC and Miami FC

Just a few weeks ago, we wrapped up an incredible second season for Stockade FC. We won our Conference Championship (earning our club its first ever piece of hardware!), we broke our attendance record 3x (from 992 to 1,129 to 1,393 fans), and we’ve continued to tell our story of “open source soccer” in the hopes of inspiring the creation of other clubs like ours across the US. In a few weeks I’ll start working on another end of the season recap with full transparency into our…

Thinking Aloud about Opening a New Foursquare Engineering Office

When we started Foursquare in 2009, the idea of building a tech startup in NYC was crazytalk to some. One of the main questions we used to get asked back in our early days was: “Why start the company in New York City? Why not San Francisco?” Our answer was always: “Because we live here.”

A lot has changed since 2009. Back then, the three biggest big names in NYC’s tech startup ecosystem were Foursquare, Tumblr and Etsy. We were aggressively recruiting folks out of Google NYC (ps: huge thanks to…

A Continuation of our Quest to Build a Break-Even D4 Soccer Club in the Hudson Valley, NY

Before we start, let me clarify real quick:

“So, you bought a soccer team?”

I’ve heard this at least 100 times since the Stockade FC story started in late 2015. I make sure to correct folks every time: “I didn’t buy a club. We built one. From scratch.”

Long story short: In summer 2015 we got the idea to build a semi-pro soccer team in the Hudson Valley (two hours north of NYC). We officially announced our team would be joining the NPSL

If you want the future to exist today, go build it.

Today we’re launching our Pilgrim SDK (read the announcement) which marks the first time we’ve bundled up our core “Pilgrim” technology (our Places database, stop detection, and snap-to-place awareness) in a way that developers can embed in their own apps. …

A Recap of Stockade FC’s Inaugural Season in the NPSL (2016)

Hello again!

It’s been almost 5 months since I published my original post about the origin story and motivation behind starting Stockade FC, our Division 4 (NPSL) soccer team in the Hudson Valley (“So, Let’s Build A Professional Soccer Team From Scratch”). I published that piece on May 8th, just a few hours before we kicked off the first match in club history (and just a few days before our daughter was born!)

This is the follow-up post that I promised I’d write in that original manifesto. One of…

I wrote this on the 5-year anniversary of 9/11 (2006).
I reblog/re-post it every year.
(originally hosted on my blog, then Tumblr, now Medium)

I was asleep when the first plane hit the North Tower. The boom must have woken me up as I remember looking at my alarm clock and thinking “8:46, why am I awake?” I was unemployed at the time (got laid off from Vindigo in June). Since I was awake, I got up, turned on my laptop, and went to get some orange juice (unemployed morning ritual). When I came back my screen was covered in…

Today, the New York Times published aquick Q&A with me where I had a chance to hint about the future of location-based services, specifically this idea that location and contextually aware technologies will intersect with everything in our lives. I know a lot of you know about our Foursquare app, the Swarm app, and our developer tools (now used by more than 100,000 developers including Uber, Twitter, Apple, etc.) but figured it may be worth sharing a behind-the-scenes look at some of the other things we’re thinking about and working hard on.

If we had the pleasure of meeting back…

Dennis Crowley

I like to build things (Founder @Foursquare 📱, @StockadeFC ⚽️, Dodgeball 📟). Husband to @Chelsa & dad to 👧🏼❄️ & 👶🏼🚀 I enjoy snowboards, soccer & hot dogs

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