It’s so easy to get distracted. Dontcha think?

An Entrepreneur’s Biggest Enemy — Distractions | Featuring The Superhero Syndrome, The Little Things and Procrastination

I have failed… countless times.

I’ve seen time go by, like it’s water.

I saw myself stop right in the middle of the timeline while everybody else blazed on ahead and made it in life.

It took me some time to figure out that it was my fault.

You can try to make yourself look busy all you want but at the end of the day, you are accomplishing nothing.

You know what? You need to identify what’s distracting you and own up to it.

These 3 things are universal and you can’t really miss noticing them in your routine.

Superhero Syndrome

The entrepreneur’s curse is always wanting to be able to do everything at once.

We’ve all experienced these at one point or another in our lives.

  • An idea becomes a priority task immediately when it pops into your head.
  • You drop everything in order to finish that “short” task.
  • The task is new to you and you start to spend time reading about it and in many cases, you don’t take action so it drags for a few weeks (stopping you from your actual important tasks here and there throughout the day) OR you just procrastinate because it feels like a lot of work (BUT you still want to do it…someday.)

Let’s face it, we entrepreneurs CAN do anything we put our minds into but the fact of the matters is, there’s only so much time in the day.

We know we don’t like to get caught in the constant struggle of being controlled by time, which is why we aren’t working in a regular day job but honestly, being an entrepreneur, you are still controlled and limited by time. Only when we learn to make use of that time will we really be able to enjoy success.

Chris Ducker talks about the Superhero Syndrome often. People just want to do everything themselves, either to save money or to skip relying on somebody else since it will be a hassle to train and finding the person to do it is equally as hard.

Isn’t your time more important though? Aren’t you just getting caught up with your ego? Maybe that’s preventing you from taking that next step to reach your goal?

Superhero Syndrome is distracting you from your actual goals and you need to do something about it.

How to fix this:

You have to start learning to off-load some work to someone else. Only when you do will you be able to see what’s possible for you and your business.

I started a bit late so I only learned about this when the 4 Hour Work Week came out years ago. Heck, I’m in the Philippines. I should’ve already known about the possibilities of outsourcing to a virtual assistant.

Back when I started with internet marketing, even before LeapFroggr, I’ve been very hesitant on outsourcing tasks. It was hard to communicate what exactly it is that I wanted since what I do is pretty unique and not a lot has experience with it at that time.

What changed my mind is that I took the first step and tried it. That’s when the mistakes came in. That’s also the time you learn so you can improve.

Go try it. Create a tutorial (a video tutorial is awesome) and find someone.

Trust me, you’ll want to outsource everything after that.

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The Little Things Add Up

You already noticed this.

You spend time on your social media at the middle of a task. You check email right before you finish the 2nd point of your blog post. You check your Fitbit right after you finally decided to start on your project planning. You got to chatting on WhatsApp right smack in the middle of creating your presentation slides.

These little things add up and it’s hard to stop sometimes! It’s definitely even harder to get back into the groove to focus on work.

Oh, did you just switch tabs before you got to this point of the article? Maybe you got distracted and saw this article on your Twitter feed while in the middle of your work?

How many times have you done that today? This month? This year?

How to fix this:

Have you ever heard of the Pomodoro Technique? It’s when you set the timer, usually at 25 minutes, and then you focus on doing that single task until the timer expires so you can take a short break and start it again for the next task.

Personally, 30 minutes works best for me. Experiment with it because some people like to work longer chunks and take longer breaks after.

Like reading? Set time for it in the day or week. Use applications like Pocket to save them so you can read them at a later time.

Social media addict? Check your feeds only on select times of the day if your job isn’t about social media. Batch it up and maybe use a Pomodoro for it. Really need to get a share out? Send it to your Buffer or schedule messages ahead of time.

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Probably the hardest thing to fix and the most subtle way to get you distracted from your goals.

Nobody in the world can say that they aren’t familiar with this.

You know, those times that you put off the task you needed to do because you can still do it some other day. Maybe you feel like doing something else because it “feels” better. Maybe you set out to do it today but you end up doing it at night or not at all. You cram the night before the exam because you put off doing it a week before.

I never really intended on writing here on Medium in the first place but I’m actually doing this now because I wanted to follow a schedule and not procrastinate. I want this to be an exercise that I can look back to so I can say that I did this and feels great.

If you have been a procrastinator for much of your life, then don’t burden yourself into changing this overnight. It won’t happen.

How to fix this:

Like I said, I am guilty of this and I am taking action to remove this from my system. I’m still not 100% there yet but I’m getting there.

I am taking action, and it’s why bringing up the 2 points above are so important. They can also help stop procrastination.

I could set priorities for the day, focus on important tasks, outsource those that I can and act immediately on the next task that I need to finish. James Clear also has a good strategy for this that he posted here on Medium.

It’s liberating and fulfilling.

Try it out and you’ll end the day feeling great. Not with that lingering feeling of “I didn’t do enough today” which leads to more regret and depressing thoughts.

For me, writing about it here, admitting it to myself and being mindful of it also helps me stop this attitude. Sometimes, you won’t notice yourself doing it so training yourself to be mindful will certainly come in handy.

At the end of the day, you need to be aware of what you are doing.

Doing goal setting is certainly one thing that you need to start now. Break those goals down into actionable chunks and set realistic schedules.

I missed Michael Hyatt’s product on goal setting so I look forward to getting into that later this year.

Anything to improve how I already do things or speed up my learning process will help tremendously so never be afraid to invest in yourself.

If you have a great process for goal setting, then I’d love to hear how you do it. ☺

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