Dentacoin Reddit Scam Myths… Busted!

Dear community,

During these intense times of platform development, new partner clinics acquisition and tremendously growing awareness on a global scale, we are sorry that we have to change the focus for awhile. But just for a short time. Just to make sure that the groundless statements in one short post on Reddit are not left unanswered. As the post also involves the names of some of our partner clinics, we feel obliged to react. However, please note that all racist comments will just be ignored as they cannot possibly get to our open minds.

The only thing that we could do is to support each self-thinking individual into making their own research. How? As always: By providing facts from trustworthy, authorized sources.

Myth No1: Dentacoin bought all its partner clinics.

Alright, that’s an easy one. The only company purchased by Dentacoin and paid for entirely with DCN (which, by the way, is a deal unique of its kind; read more) is Dentaprime International plc with its pilot clinic F3T, London.

This could be easily verified on Companies House, the United Kingdom’s registrar of companies (link here).

Dentaprime International plc bought by Dentacoin - Proof

Click to zoom the image

The statement that the clinic is bought “most likely from ICO money” cannot possibly find its proof as well, because of the following two reasons:

1) It is obvious that the deal has been finalized and notified on July 20, 2017 (i.e. more than two months before the start of the ICO);

2) The company is entirely paid for with Dentacoin (DCN), i.e. no funds from Presale/ICO have ever been used for such purposes.

Myth No2: Dentacoin partner clinics are not independent.

If you track all other partner clinics of Dentacoin, except for F3T, London, you will undoubtedly find out that they are fully independent. All of them are absolutely real, having their own online presence, audience, reviews. Most of them have even been founded years before the establishment of the Dentacoin Foundation. Quality Affordable Dentistry, Hemel Hempstead, for example can be tracked back to the year of 1988 (read here). On that note, Lorand Gergely, Client Service Manager at CONTIDENT dental clinic, Hungary, posted this on Reddit:

Lorand Gergely, Client Service Manager at CONTIDENT dental clinic, Hungary, on Dentacoin Reddit

Source: Reddit

Myth No3: All partner clinics use the same CMS.

At first, the author seems concerned that all Dentacoin partner clinics have new websites and have used the same CMS (Content management system), e.g. Wordpress. Later it becomes clear that this generalizing statement actually concerns only two of the partner clinics — F3T, London and LifDental Chain, Buffalo, New York — and the fact that they have both registered their domains through GoDaddy.

Dentacoin Reddit comments

Source: Reddit

Is it really surprising that two domains are registered through GoDaddy, the World’s largest domain name registrar? As for the other statement made in regards to the creation dates, the picture below is an eloquent answer to it (feel free to verify the authenticity of the information here: WHOIS and WHOIS


Source: GoDaddy

Well, that’s all we can say on the topic.

All in all, if you seek for it, the truth is just a few clicks away.

 Dentacoin Team

Originally published at Dentacoin blog.

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