Exchange DCN Directly Against EUR & USD on Folgory

Dec 2 · 2 min read

After two very recent listings on GraviEX and Altilly, we are thrilled to announce a new milestone: Thanks to Folgory exchange, you are now able to exchange Dentacoin (DCN) against EUR and USD with one simple step!

About Folgory

Folgory is developed as an all-in-one platform for crypto users. It provides quick and easy account creation, KYC approval in up to 24 hours, low fees, and instant transaction processing.

New Milestone for Dentacoin

On top of listing DCN against Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), USD Coin (USDC), Folgory now allows buying and selling DCN against EUR and USD with 0.1% fees.

“Providing Dentacoin supporters with a wide variety of options to use their tokens is of the utmost importance. Therefore, getting DCN listed on more exchange platforms has been among my greatest priorities since day one. I am happy that we managed to reach an agreement with Folgory and I am looking forward to bringing even better liquidity to our community members,” comments Bozhidar Arabadzhiev, Financial Analyst at Dentacoin Foundation.


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