Fostering Dental Tourism with AllDental Clinics in Bulgaria

Mar 5 · 3 min read

Say hello to picturesque Bulgaria, as we welcome our first partner in the country’s capital Sofia — AllDental Clinics. AllDental is renowned for combining tours and holidays in the country with dental treatment in a one-of-a-kind dental tourism experience.

About AllDental Clinics

AllDental is a full-service dental clinic that comes together with its own dental laboratory. Its prime focus is on dental tourism, by offering a plethora of dental packages, accommodation, and tourism services. The clinic has partnered up with a network of agencies, hotels, apartments and guest houses to provide an exceptional luxury accommodation service for its patients from all across the globe. It is their mission to strive to be among the leading organizations, offering premium dental packages combined with a 5-star visit to Bulgaria’s holiday destinations.

At AllDental Clinics patients can take advantage of a large number of dental services. Whether you are looking for general and cosmetic dental treatments, or something in the fields of implantology, surgery, or periodontics, you have come to the right place. Moreover, their own dental lab ensures controlled quality and efficient results. Focusing on a comfortable, low-stress environment and a pleasant stay at one of their partner accommodations, patients are sure to have all their dental (and non-dental) needs taken care of with world-class care.

Dental Care Without Borders

We are thrilled to have the innovative concept of AllDental Clinics working together with Dentacoin to bring top-quality care and preventive dentistry across the world, unbound by border limitations. Pairing dental tourism with secure, fast and easy cross-border payments without the need for local currency exchange is certainly a match made in heaven. No need to pay exorbitant fees and suffer from avaricious exchange rates in a foreign country, when you can pay for the entire package in the one and only digital asset for the dental industry!

“We are looking forward to reaching more potential patients from all across the globe together with Dentacoin. It is certainly exciting to be at the spearhead for both dental tourism and dental technology at the same time,” shared AllDental team.

Welcome to AllDental

AllDental Clinics are already taking advantage of the Dentacoin tools Dentacoin by having a dedicated page on Trusted Reviews. Are you a local or international patient of theirs? Hop on to their profile via the link below and be sure to share your insightful thoughts:


With now 23 locations available on the old European continent, you are sure to find a dentist of your choosing and pay for your treatment with Dentacoin. We are looking forward to continuing our expansion of the market and adding even more establishments to the now 108 locations in 29 countries. See all partners here.


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