Record a Short Video and Earn FREE Dentacoin Tokens

Dear supporters,

Let’s show the world how great Dentacoin community is! Now you can earn FREE DCN tokens just by sharing in a short video why do you support Dentacoin.

⬇ Follow this simple 8-step guide:

1. Why do you support Dentacoin? Think about it before you start recording your video!

2. Find a place with proper lighting. If there is a window in the room, place the camera just in front of it!

3. Please record the video in a quite room and make sure that there is no echo as well.

4. Place the camera directly in front of your face and at the same height.

5. Stick to the standard headshot format (from the chest up) and landscape orientation.

6. No need to overdo it. One to three sentences usually say it all! Example from a supporter: “Dentacoin makes the world a bit better. I am happy to be part of it!”

7. Send the ready video at, as a Facebook message or as a private message to @donika_kraeva on Telegram.

8. In maximum 3 days we will let you know if your video is approved, and if so — you will receive your reward in another 3 days. One participant = one video only. All approved videos will be uploaded on our official YouTube channel.

Originally published at Dentacoin blog.

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