See the Winners of Dentacoin Holiday Raffle

Jan 10 · 2 min read

Throughout the month of December 2019, hundreds of people joined our special Holiday Challenge. As per the Terms & Conditions, all tasks have been manually checked to ensure diligent completion and now you can check the final number of tickets and Dentacoin tokens received.

Now to the most exciting part: Picking the raffle winners. Everyone participated in the raffle with a different number of tickets depending on the diligence and the timeliness when completing the tasks.



  • Amazon eGift Card — first: @anaskhd
  • Amazon eGift Card — second: @Lacosh
  • Trezor One Wallet — first: @HomemBom
  • Trezor One Wallet — second: @Lyezerg
  • Ledger Nano S — first: @dddlian
  • Ledger Nano S — second: @cryptoworld999
  • Electric toothbrush — first: @SmartMedal
  • Electric toothbrush — second: @davidashmore
  • THE BIG WINNER of Trezor One plus Oral hygiene set (incl. electric toothbrush, interdental brushes, and dental floss): @Gabchuks


We will contact all winners via email for more information about the delivery. Next week we will be sending out all raffle prizes. Please keep in mind that if you live outside of Europe, your prize might take up to two months to arrive.

To all 786 people who joined the challenge: THANK YOU! We hope you all had fun completing tasks and receiving daily prizes! We are also extremely happy to see that most participants have shared they started paying closer attention to their oral health thanks to being engaged with Dentacoin.


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