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Looking for a Luxurious Weekend Outing in Europe?
Now Europe has a new happening city for you, Brat-is-lava…
Bratislava, a Slovakian city!

Now Europe is not just limited to Vienna, Budapest, and Prague. The Slovak capital is attracting tourists with Communist-era fame and is repositioning in the heart of Central Europe.

Bratislava — the Capital of Slovakia

Do you know what’s the most attractive thing about Bratislava?
Its unique culture and freshness in the air… This big-small city has everything to offer from Handcrafted limited Slovakian Wines to the most amazing Castles and Church in entire Europe.

But you must be thinking, the handy crafts and High Hill castles aren’t enough, and you’d be right. As we are a people of new age, we want ourselves to be the part of best of everything, Laser lights and digital disco for experiencing amazing nightlife, while traveling we want luxurious Journey To-&-From and this is the reason Bratislava is the best option to go for in the United Kingdoms or If I’m not wrong than EUROPE!

The city has a lot to offer in limited Time and Money.
If You’re traveling for just a weekend, then I would suggest you can visit these Top 5 best places in 48 Hours of time:

The Blue Church

The Blue Church

One of the must-visit churches in Europe, this Art Nouveau masterpiece takes you to another land. The eye soothing baby blue with white accents and dark blue roof tiles of the church looks whimsical. The fairy-tale façade and an interior which feels more like a beautiful ballroom.

Built in the early twentieth century, the church reflects an Art Nouveau style of architecture, playfully combined with oriental, Romanesque and classical features. The Blue Church is one of the unusual churches of all time. It is also popularly known as the Church of St Elizabeth, you can describe it more as a wedding cake than a place of worship. It’s dedicated to Saint Elizabeth of Hungary who was a medieval princess, a native of Bratislava, who risked her position by giving charity to the poor.

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum

It is best time to visit Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum and the month of May through October is certainly known as the peak season for the visitors, as you can take a riverboat cruise from Bratislava’s city center and explore the nature’s beauty as well. If you’re a Modern art fan then this place is especially for you. You will surely enjoy getting to sample the best works from recent and current Slovak artists. The large museum also hosts varieties in eclectic, funky, and trendy short-term exhibits throughout the year.



You need panoramic ability in your eyes to have a look at the view from Devin Castle in a single sight. The beautiful ruins of Castle are one of the major highlights for a trip to Bratislava. The ruins are preserved so aptly that it can also be noted for its maiden tower which looks naturally balanced on a rock. The best part is the stunning geographical position, offering a panoramic view of the Danube and Morava rivers.

The real beauty of the day trip lies in the vast region of the landscape, rolling hills, rivers, greenery for miles, and to have this medieval castle sitting proudly in the center is a delight for eyes to have a look at. The castle offers amazing views of the region as you’d expect, and the museum inside gives a great insight into the history of castles and weaponry.

To explore castle you just need to follow the arrow signs which will help you to follow the right direction. And to reach the Devin you just need to travel 20 km from the city which you’ll be able to do in 20–30 mins at max via Bus/Taxi. You can complete your Devin Trip in 3 to 4 hours at max and the best time to visit is in morning or an afternoon.


The 7th largest hanging bridge in the world. To get to the UFO bridge, also called the New Bridge (Nový most) or the Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising (Mostly known as SNP Bridge), it just takes a few minutes walk from the Old Town. History says it was built in the late 1960s and early ’70s at the height of Communist excess, in honor of the 1944 resistance movement against the Nazi forces. The very retro-futuristic appearance was inspired by the optimistic futurism of the 1960s.

Get a panoramic view on the whole Bratislava from the open-air observation deck on top of its UFO-shaped cupola. You can Refresh yourself in a fine dining restaurant or a bar which are up there, too. But don’t forget to be Selfie ready! As photos were taken here will surely be a great memory to cherish!



Have You’ve heard about Slovak wine?
Well, that’s hardly surprising as none is exported and it’s all drunk in Slovakia!

The Slovak crisp, fresh rosés and white wines have regularly been appreciated in international wine competitions and the reason behind is the huge variety of grapes in the country. They have more than 50 different grape varieties planted in six Slovak wine regions, including well-known Central European grapes as well as local varieties, which is unique and is only available in Slovakia.

The Wine Tasting Tour is an exclusive way to experience the real-time process of making wines and experience the taste.

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Dental Tourism Slovakia

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